Week 6/7 Updates

During the past 2 weeks SLIM has provided:

•Over 350 meals

•4 individuals struggling with substance use were provided transportation to a local treatment facility

•2 individuals received help for mental health issues

•3 individuals received their ID’s to secure medical treatment/substance use treatment and/or employment

•26 individuals received clothing

•65 individuals were provided hygiene bags

•6 Blankets were distributed

•17 pairs of shoes were provided

•1 bicycle was gifted to a man who recently graduated from a treatment facility, entered sober living and is seeking employment

•Misc arts and crafts items for a local treatment facility

•SLIM was also able to provide food items for the Prom Walk to support our local graduating seniors

Mission Moment: A young woman, age 24 who has been living on the street and abandon buildings for the past year reported that with the help of SLIM she has:

•Got her ID

•Received help for her MH issues

•Has 3 job interviews this coming week

•Has not used any illegal substances in 3 weeks

•Enrolled in Intensive Outpatient Services for substance use

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